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News alert 6/28/11 on George Allen vs Tim Kaine from your 2012 Virginia Senate Race:

That is certainly gonna be an especially exhilarating Senate 2012 competition. The Washington Post suggests that The state of virginia is among one of half a dozen crucial states that could determine the final result of the up coming exactly who controls the Senate.

George Allen was compelled, merely to obtain a primary place as the Republican Senator 2012 candidate, to renounce earmarks. George Allen is known for earmarks, so this will come as particularly a bit of shock.However , before you get started with selecting the next Virginia 2012 Senator or even accepting the fact that it might be Senator George Allen in 2012, give some thought to this: George Allen can not be competitive in 2012 until he is victorious the Republican primary, and that could be no more definite. Insert the 2012 Virginia Senate spoiler: Jamie Radtke. Radtke is the actual 2012 Virginia Tea Party favourite for the Senate political election, and is launching to strike George Allen from the right.

More spoilers, challenges,
hurdles and surprises lay ahead in the very long path to Virginia Senator George Allen in 2012.

News Update 5/27/11 on George Allen vs Kaine from the 2012 VA Senate Election:

Money will be essential. Kaine's most likely adversary, Allen,at this time sucked in $1.5 million in the first three months of 2011 before Tim Kaine was even in the election,

Kaine hardly leads Allen 46% to 44%,

A current Washington Post poll confirmed Kaine and Allen even in the 2012 Senate shoot-out, 46% each.

Virginia's U.S. Senate contenders Tim Kaine and Allen agree on this: the USA is at a crossroads.


Past Virginia Governor George Allen is a candidate for Virginia in 2012 to be in the Senate.

Tim Kaine, Former Virginia Governor George Allen Senator struggle in 2012 in Virginia is shaping up to become the news of the day. Will George Allen's 2012 venture reestablish feelings of 2006? Will another Allen Senate race be the 2012 Senate sleeper or the Senate's rude awakening?

Allen's Virginia past assist or injure him in 2012? Will Virginians remain in awe, or ashamed, by his background prior to the 2012 Senate race? Is George Allen really fit to be a Senator in 2012? Does Virginia need Senator Allen, will Virginia gain from Senator George Allen, will Virginia rejoice George Allen's 2012 election?

George Allen
bullet points

- was born in Whittier, CA
- was surprised to find out he is of Jewish heritage on his mother's side
- has a sister and two brothers
- attended UCLA and U of Virginia
- is a former US Senator from VA
- served in Virginia's state legislature.
- was Virginia's 67th Governor.
- lost to Jim Webb in the Virginia Senate race in 2006
- now serves on YAF.
- announced his run for the 2012 Virginia Senate seat on 1/24/11.

George Allen
remarkably  used a controversial phrase, Macaca or Macacaw. Will Kaine know how to make use of this? Will George Allen, the previous VA governor, wave this away?

Former Governor Allen has quite a few issues moving for him in the 2012 Senate race, including a good sized lead in the early polls. Whether or not George Allen can keep that lead in 2012, only George Allen will know for sure.

Only the voters for the 2012 Virginia Senate race "Tim Kaine vs. George Allen" can decide.


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